Double Up Can Cooler Review

It is common knowledge that TWO is better than ONE for most things in life. That mantra holds true for a koozie too, being able to hold more than one beer is better!

The Double Up koozie does exactly what you think it would do: Holds two beers in one koozie. The neoprene Double Up koozie holds two canned beers and comes in 7 fun colors.
They sent me a few to use and put to the test. I took these Double Up Koozies to a recent tailgate to show these off and shoot the video that you can watch below.
The Double Up koozies are made out of quality material and the different colors from neon green, to orange, pink, red, blue, black and more look great. The koozies come printed with the DOUBLE UP logo, but I hear they can even get some custom logos on these too. (hint hint need some Tailgating Challenges ones:))
Let’s talk about what makes the Double Up Can Cooler special, it is a single koozie that is longer than the normal koozies you have. It’s made longer so that it can hold two beers (or other canned beverages) and keep the drinks cold while you are away from the cooler.
This Double Up koozie is perfect when you are walking around the tailgate, as you have both beers in one koozie and you’re not hauling around a cooler, using both hands, or putting them in your pocket (Don’t be ashamed I’ve done that too). When you finish the top drink you can simply slide the next beer up to enjoy. You can also fold the koozie over, but as you see in the video that could be easier said than done….so I recommend just sliding beer number 2 up to the top of the Double Up koozie and enjoying the liquid beverage refreshment.
The Double Up koozie keeps drinks cold just like the koozies you have in your arsenal now, but it just does it on a bigger stage…Double Time!
PROS: fun colors, great concept to hold both drinks, quality materials
CONS: doesn’t work with bottles, doesn’t fold over as easily (so slide your drink up)
Overall, this is a fun koozie that is great when you are tailgate hopping or at a concert. You can Double your koozie game up by visiting:
tailgating 2

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