Engel Camo Tumbler Review

Everyone has a tumbler. Seriously, I rarely come across anyone that doesn’t have some type of tumbler that they use on a regular basis. Tumblers all serve a purpose for easily taking your drinks on the go and keeping the contents either ice cold, or piping hot. The early renditions of the tumbler were a sea of basic stainless tumblers. Don’t put yours down, or it could get confused with everyone elses who had the same color. Times have changed and now you can really step your style up with your tumblers. The Engel Camo Tumblers take style and performance to the next level.

The Engel Camo Tumblers come in 5 different unique camo themed variations. I like brighter colors, so I opted for the blue and orange camo renditions. When they arrived we were not dissappointed, as I have not seen another tumbler with this kind of style before. The camo design and bright colors really made them ‘pop’ and they are sure to catch your eye when see them.

These tumblers pass the eye test with flying colors, but having a good tumbler involves more than just style points. Next up, lets focus on what companies like Engel can stick their chest out about, performance.

I filled the Engel Camo Tumbler up with Ice and screwed the lid on and let it sit. I checked on it after 12 hours, plenty of ice remained. 24 hours later, a decent amount of ice was left. 36 hours later, minimal ice, but there was still ice. 48 hours later, all the ice was melted. I tested the temperature, after 48 hours, and it was still under 50 degrees! I was pretty impressed by this. Remember this was in a controlled environment and the ambient temperature outside, the amount of ice in your cup, how often you open your lid will all impact your individual results. Regardless, it is fair to say this tumbler passed the performance test with flying colors.

Finally, with tumblers I like to see if there are other features, aside from style and performance, that are value adds for the consumer. The Engel Tumbler has two additional value adds that I think you’ll like.

  1. Non-skid bottom pad. This will help keep the tumbler where you put it. This is especially handy if you are on a boat. 

  2. Non-spill lid. By non-spill I mean there is a groove for your lips when you put it on the tumbler, so you don’t spill any of the beverage as you bring it to your mouth. This is the best lid I’ve ever tested. I’ve dribbled some drink with other tumblers, but this lid seemed like it was designed for my lips specifically. *Disclaimer, it wasn’t custom made for my lips but it does feel that way. 

The only thing that I can say for constructive feedback on this tumbler is that it seems to transmit the coldness, or heat of the cup to your hands. This means that with your iced drink you will feel a little more of a chill when you touch the cup. I thought this was going to impact the performance of the cup, but it had no negative impacts on the overall performance, but something to note that was different about this tumbler.

Overall, the Engel Camo Tumblers passed the style and performance tests with high marks. The lid is the best lid that I’ve ever tested in a tumbler and if they haven’t patented this lid they should, or others are soon to copy it.

Learn more about the Engel Tumblers and all of the Engel products here: https://www.engelcoolers.com/

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Written by: Luke Lorick 11/6/19

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