Firebee Honey Review

Honey is awesome! I’ve always loved honey and look for the local honeys to help with my allergies. Most honey tastes similar to me, sure there are some different flowers that can be focused on to give slightly different flavors to honey, but overall I have a pretty good of idea of the taste to expect. Well I thought I did until I tried Firebee Honey.

Firebee honey is craft honey that is infused with flavors to help you bring out fun, new flavors in your food and drinks. Firebee honey is handcrafted using farm-fresh raw honey to create some of the most unique honey you will ever taste. Let’s look deeper at some of the flavors that Firebee honey has to offer.

Firebee Honey comes in the following flavors:







We got a 4 pack sampler in that included the Cinnamon, Vanilla, Elderberry and Spicy to put to our Tailgating Challenge. What better way to test these out then to start putting Firebee Honey on everything. Well maybe not everything, but we put it on things like:


-Ice Cream







Firebee Honey

The list could on and on as there are so many ways this honey can be used to add some flavor to your favorite foods. In testing them on the foods it would bring out the flavor profile listed. I’ll say that the Spicy has the most distinct and in your face flavor. While getting ready to shoot our video review of these four flavors of Firebee Honey I thought, to truly know the flavor you need to taste the honey by itself.

I tasted each one of these craft honey samples by squirting a tablespoon of honey into my mouth to really taste the flavor profile. I break it down in the video with my real time thoughts, but here is high level thoughts.

Cinnamon: Excellent, I love cinnamon already and the flavor was in a word incredible. This will be a mainstay in my house.

Vanilla: Very Good, while not quite as powerful as the cinnamon it was still awesome. Even after the video was over I took another shot of this one as it is so smooth and flavorful.

Elderberry: Good, this was more aligned with regular honey in my opinion. It was still good, but when compared to the Cinnamon and the Vanilla it’s not one that I’m going to keep stocked in my house.

Spicy: Let me start off by saying I’m not a spicy fan. I shot some of this in my mouth and soon after swallowing had a little cough and could feel it burning as it went down. This would be great for those fans that like spicy things. I have no doubt putting some of this on your meat dishes or pizza could bring a giant smile to your face.

Overall, I was impressed with just how good Firebee Honey is. If you already like honey then I’d highly encourage you to pick out a few of our favorite flavors of Firebee Honey and give them a try. May I suggest Vanilla and Cinnamon:)

If you want to learn more and order your own Firebee Honey CLICK HERE. 

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Written By: Luke Lorick 9/25/20



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