First-N-Ten Review

Games Games Everywhere! There are so many games for the consumer to choose from that you could easily get paralysis by analysis! Lucky for you that’s why we are here. We have tested out many tailgating games and while most of them are fun, there are some that really stand out! The First-N-Ten game is a game that we give our Tailgating Seal of Approval to! Let’s find out why.

The First-N-Ten game takes the game of frisbee and adds a football flare to it. There are two goal posts that set up in minutes that you’ll be tossing the frisbee discs at, for points. The goal of the game is to get to 21 points before your opponent does.

Here is how you score: 

1 point for hitting the uprights

3 points for flying the disc through the uprights

5 points if you hook the disc on the upright

The First-N-Ten game breaks down and goes into the included bag to make portability a breeze. When you’re ready to set up, just put the goal posts together (no tools required) they simply slide into each other. Once you have the goal posts set up then move them as close, or as far apart as you’d like. When we tested this out the wind was blowing hard and we brought them closer together. When you first start out I’d recommend bringing them closer together to get the feel and begin to slide them back to increase the CHALLENGE!

You toss the disc like a frisbee and try to get it on the upright, hit the upright or through the uprights. Essentially, it’s all about the uprights! We played First-N-Ten and I knew after a few tosses this game was a special one. Those that played with me also agreed that this game was awesome. In our recent Tailgate Madness brackets everyone that played this game voted for this game. It’s one of those games that once you play you’ll be hooked, just like the disc on the upright when you hit that 5 pointer.

We think this game is more fun than average games and we believe you’ll think so to. There is only one way to find out though…Get one below and then let me know if you agree!


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