Fizzics Waytap Review

If you are reading this then chances are you enoy having a beer from time to time.  The team at Fizzics believe that even with something as great as beer there is a way to make it better!  They came out with the Waytap system to help bring out even more flavor in the drink we all know and love.

You may have seen the Fizzics team on Shark Tank in the past and how much the sharks loved this product. This goes to show how great the potential of this product is.

Now lets get down to how this works and my personal experience. The Fizzics Waytap is portable as it uses 4 double AA batteries to power the device (so perfect to take to the tailgate or campsite). Fizzics uses the power of sound to help enhance the flavor. There are no replaceable cartridges or chemicals used.

The Waytap version of the Fizzics works with canned beer and 12 ounce bottles. Using the product is simple (You can watch the video below to see me walk through the use in action) you open the Fizzics Waytap, insert the beer, and then pull the handle towards you and watch as the beer is tapped into the glass. Once this completes push the handle away from you to allow the Micro-Foam technology to go to work as it adds the head that makes the smoothness and flavor come out of the beer.


I used this product with your basic style light beers and then with darker more craft style beers as well. The value in this product is not seen with standard light beers, in my opinion. The value is seen when you get into more of the craft beer segment as it does make for a smoother drink.

PROS: portable, fun to use at parties, makes certain types of beer better!

CONS: this isn’t for every type of beer.

Overall, if you enjoy craft beer and want to enjoy them on a new level with your friends then check out the Fizzics Waytap.

If you have one already give us some feedback on what you think about it.

Get your own here:

*As always please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. My reviews are my opinion and my opinion only, your individual results may vary. 

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