Flickboards Game Review

Ready to get your flick on? You may not be yet but, you’re about to be with Flickboards. This new tabletop game brings an element of paper football, shuffleboard, with a dash of challenge and style. Now that we have your attention let’s learn more about the Flickboards Game review.

How To Play Flickboards

1. Begin with Player 1 flicking a game chip from anywhere behind their 35-yard line toward Player 2’s end zone.

2. Player 2 then takes a turn from wherever the game chip came to rest.

3. If the chip crosses the opponent’s goal line on the kickoff, it is a “Touchback,” and the opposing player begins again with the chip from anywhere behind their own 25-yard line.

4. If the game chip leaves the board or comes to rest anywhere other than the playing field, it is a penalty. (See penalties below)

5. Play continues with the players alternating turns, getting one flick of the game chip until either player scores.

6. The player that scores then kicks off again.

7. The player to score 5 times wins!

What Did We Think?

We love great tabletop games and have tested many of them over the years. Flickboards jumped off the page when I saw them as they resembled a beautiful football field that could have your favorite team logo in the center of the field. At the time of this review Flickboards was getting more teams in, so stay tuned as they add your favorite team.

For those that know me I love bunnies and have a few that live in my home. They pressured me to get the South Dakota State Jackrabbits Flickboards, as they tell me that is their favorite team:)

When your game board arrives you will see just how sharp these look and they can actually hang on your wall when not in use (perfect for the mancave or she shed). Set up of the game is quick and easy, you simply need to insert a peg into each hole and then you’re ready to play. Beginners tip: you can leave some pegs out as you work to increase your skills on Flickboards.

We posted the rules above that you can reference and it’s also nice that the instructions are on the back of these Flickboards too. I hate having to stop the game to google a rule or a penalty, just saying.

Once the game is set up it’s time to get your flick on. This is when the fun happens, as you and your opponent go back and forth flicking the disc trying to get into the others endzone. Remember, you can’t jump the barriers that are on the left and right side of the endzones. This can be pretty fast paced when you flick back and forth and kept me very engaged with all of the action. A touchdown occurs if any piece of the disc is touching the goal line, just like real football if the ball breaks the plane of the goal line.

The numerous pegs do make the game more challenging and you have to start to work your angles and figure out the best way to flick to set up the best shot. The longer I played I thought about can I score from this shot? If the answer was yes I was attempting to make it across the goal line. If the answer was no, I was thinking how can I set it up where my opponent has a more challenging shot.

I played this game with multiple people and they all enjoyed the game. Some enjoyed it so much that they want to work on getting a tournament set up at a local watering hole. Stay tuned for more on that.

At the end of the day Flickboards was easy to set, provided fun, was challenging, kept everyone engaged, looked great hanging on the wall and above all was BUNNY APPROVED.


PROS: stylish, fun, challenging, fast paced game, ability to get your favorite team logo, can double as artwork
CONS: there are many small pieces so be careful with younger kids or the potential loss of some game pieces (extras are included)

Overall, if you’re ready to get your flick on and have some tabletop football fun, then it’s time for Flickboards!

Learn more and get your own by visiting FLICKBOARDS.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/4/23

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