From Books to Backyards: How Outdoor Yard Games
Enhance College Life

In early life, kids engage a lot in outdoor games. However, the intensity of play
decreases as they grow. Research by BioMed Central shows college students play
outdoors less. They have so many issues to deal with in academics and life.

A report by the National Wildlife Federation shows students who play more are happier.
Their brain releases serotonin and endorphins which increases mood. They improve
their mental health, academic performance, and social life. It builds their cognitive,
endurance, and gross motor skills.

Improved body mass index

A study by NIH shows that many college students do not eat the required diets. They
fail to follow physical activity guidelines and thus increase their BMI. The report says
about 20.9% of college learners are obese. It is a growing problem that colleges need to
address fast. In 1980, only about 7% of students were classified as obese. Based on
the NHI study, the number has grown three times today.

One of the solutions to increase BMI is outdoor yard games. As the learners play, they
burn extra calories which balances their BMI. Obese students find it harder to learn due
to the health challenges it brings. A study by Research Gate found that obese students
get criticized at college. This affects their learning and they perform poorly in
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Better social life

Regular socialization builds lasting relationships. Psychreg reports that social
connections are healthy in college. It builds quality relationships which can help fight
depression and anxiety. Socialization can help reduce stress and bad mood. This is due
to the release of oxytocin, the hormone that lowers anxiety.

Improved sleep

A report by Resources to Recover shows outdoor play prepares the body for deep
sleep. The report says an increase in endorphins increases the production of melatonin.
This is the hormone that triggers the body to fall asleep. In a report by the Office of
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, sleep improves health. The report says
people who get enough sleep fall sick less often. They improve mood and reduce the
chances of getting diabetes and heart disease. Students perform better at school due to
a relaxed mind.

Mental stimulation

Suicide Prevention Resource Center says poor mental health affects many students. A
2023 study shows 50% of students suffer from mental health stressors. The stressors
range from exam pressure to finances, relationships, and academics. If not checked,
they lead to mental health challenges such as depression and suicidal thoughts.
A student might show withdrawal habits and difficulty reading books or writing. Mental
exercises help improve mental stimulation which improves health. Outdoor play reduces
stressors which improves self-esteem and cognition. In a study by Charles Darwin
University, mental health improves learning. It can be improved through outdoor games.

Improved teamwork

Teamwork helps students create strong relationships with other learners. It promotes a
supportive learning environment. Students put their energies into working towards a
common goal. It fosters respect, trust, and unity among peers. Working in a group stirs
students into a different thinking style. They form a new learning perspective and a
chance to build communication skills. It creates a platform for brainstorming on different
ideas which improves learning.

A break from using devices

A report by Headphone Addict says teenagers spend about 7.5 hours daily on screens.
Too much screen time has negative effects on the mental health of learners. They learn
to depend more on gadgets which can affect their cognitive skills. Outdoor yard games
provide learners with a break from their devices. They improve their physical and mental
health which is useful in college life.


Outdoor games are useful in the life of learners. They can provide them with the social
interactions and physical fitness they need. It helps reduce stress and stimulates the
brain. Learners build their cognitive, and problem-solving skills. They burn calories

which keeps their BMI in check. Due to improved well-being, learners improve their
academic performance.

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Guest Post Published 6/15/23

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