How to Tailgate on a Tight Schedule

Tailgating—a beloved tradition of camaraderie, delicious food, and anticipation on game days. It
can be challenging for many college students to juggle a busy schedule with the desire to attend
this fun pre-game event. Educators do not panic! Here, I look at some clever methods for
tailgating while on the go so you can still enjoy yourself while maintaining your academic

Plan Strategically

The key to a successful tailgate is careful planning, especially when your schedule is as
constrained as the defense of your preferred team. Try to schedule your classes to coincide with
game days when it’s possible. You can gain valuable tailgating time by purposefully selecting
classes that end a little earlier. Utilize tools like smartphone calendar apps or planners to keep
track of your commitments and set reminders for game days.
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Pre-Pack Your Supplies

Making your tailgating supplies ahead of time is a surefire way to cut back on time. In a sturdy
tote or cooler, you should put supplies like paper plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and even
condiments. Don’t forget a bottle opener and a corkscrew for drinks. So you won’t have to waste

time looking for things. You can quickly and easily grab your prepared gear and head to the
tailgating scene.

Quick and Delicious Recipes

The preparation of a feast deserving of a touchdown doesn’t take hours. Pick recipes that are
tasty, time-efficient, and easy to prepare. Prepare crowd-pleasing food, such as taco bars,
skewers, and sliders. Prepare your ingredients the night before or even earlier in the week so
that you can focus on assembling and grilling on game day.

Team Up for Efficiency

The adage “many hands do light work” also holds true when tailgating. Work together to divide
tasks and responsibilities with friends or other tailgaters. While you fire up the grill, someone
else can set up the seating, and another person can handle the drinks. This partnership
strengthens the tailgating culture overall while also speeding up the process. You can give
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Embrace the Potluck Vibe

Encourage everyone to participate in a potluck by bringing a dish to share. This not only
broadens the menu but also frees you up from some cooking responsibilities. Together with
your tailgaters, make a well-balanced spread that meets everyone’s dietary needs and tastes in

Efficient Set-Up and Breakdown

Organize the set-up and teardown of your tailgating area to make the most of your time. Think
about investing in foldable furniture like tables, chairs, and pop-up canopies. In addition, you
can avoid the hassle of navigating through crowds by arriving a little early to claim a prime
tailgating spot.


Tailgating on a limited schedule is difficult, but it is possible and can test your time-management
abilities. By strategically planning, working together, and implementing useful techniques, you
can participate in the fun atmosphere of game day without jeopardizing your academic
obligations. As a result, gather your friends, fire up the grill, and create lifelong memories while
cheering on your team and juggling your busy academic schedule. Leave now!

Alice Barrios is an accomplished writer and educator with a passion for optimizing student
success. With a background in education, she has empowered countless students to excel in
their academic endeavors while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. As a dedicated student coach,

Alice’s expertise lies in guiding individuals to harness their full potential through personalized

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