Grill Blazer Grill Gun Review

FIRE! We love starting a good fire and we may have found the coolest way to light up your next fire pit, or charcoal grill session. May I introduce you to the Grill Gun, or as I call it the mini flamethrower! Now lets get into the Grill Blazer Grill Gun Review.

I saw this amazingly long stream of blue fire coming out of a gun on Facebook a few months back and knew this was something that we had to review here at Tailgating Challenge. The Grill Gun hooks up to a 1 pound or 20 pound propane tank and then generates the most amazing flame you ever seen.


  • 400,000 BTU’s
  • Lights Charcoal almost instantly
  • Works with 1pound or 20pound propane tanks
  • Bottle Stand perfect perch when you put your Grill Gun down

Grill Gun Testing

When this came in I was super pumped to see how it worked. As you all know I have tested hundreds and hundreds of products, so I don’t easily get excited very often. I grabbed a 1 pound propane tank and this is where my first tip comes in.

When hooking up your 1 pound propane tank I recommend keeping the gun horizontal while screwing in the 1 pound tank and also not overtightening the tank. When the tank starts to feel that first level of tightness from screwing, stop. If you don’t follow these steps then you’ll pull the trigger and get no flame. This frustrated me a few times and still something that I’ll recommend that Grill Blazer works on to keep it as simple as possible for the end users.

Once we properly hooked up the 1 pound propane tank it was time to blaze the fire. I turned the red knob, on the top, counter clock wise and heard the propane releasing. Then you pull the trigger and poof you get an awesome flame. You can further adjust this flame with the red knob to get it to the size you want.

Let me ensure you understand this flame is big! Do not point this, or any gun for that matter, at a person. The flame can be over 2 feet long, so be careful…but have FUN!

I’m a huge fire pit guy and the Grill Blazer Grill Gun started many fires with ease. Whether it was dry logs, or my favorite Envirolog it started the fire pit, fast!

Oh and did I mention that this will make all of your friends drop their jaws! Everyone that saw this had that jaw drop moment and normally followed it up with ‘wow’!


Pros: lights fires easily, coolest way ever to start fire, impresses friends, use with 1 pound or 20 pound propane tanks.
Cons: there are opportunities to make sure that this fires up every time you pull the trigger.

Overall, this is one of the coolest products I have ever tested. I love this Grill Gun. If anyone needs a fire lit just let me know and I’m coming over to show off the Grill Blazer Grill Gun. It is so fun to use!

Learn more and get your own by visiting GRILLBLAZER.

Thanks for reading our blog on the Grill Blazer Grill Gun Review. If you have any questions please ask below and we will get back to you. For now enjoy the video showing this Grill Gun off.

Grill Blazer Grill Gun Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick

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