Grill Grate Review

If you love to tailgate or go camping then you probably have grilled a thing or two in your day. We recently got to test out the Grill Grate which are interlocking panels that are made of anodized aluminum, made to accentuate your grilling experience.

We received a set to be used on our Stok Quattro grill. The first comment some will make is that my grill is pretty new so why would I need a new grilling surface? Our Stok was pretty new, so that was my first thought as well. I had to be knowledgeable, so I went ahead and gave them a shot.

I simply advised Grill Grate the type of grill I currently had and they sent the needed Grill Grates. These were so easy to install. I simply placed them on the grill and used the interlocking panels to connect them together.

Once installed they looked great and I didn’t have to remove the current grates on the gas grill (just place them on top).

The Grill Grates help to do a few things:

-They raise the temperature of the grill (as they are very conductive) so things can cook faster or you can reach higher temps for unique recipes

-they help to even out hot and cold spots on the grill

-they help stop fire flare-up’s

-The ‘valleys’ as they are called trap the juice from being dropped into the grease pan and can help vaporize to much moisture and flavor back into the meat.

-Awesome grill marks on the meat!

The first time I cooked I got my steaks more well done that I would have liked. I’m a medium rare kind of guy for those that want to have me over for dinner:) I was quickly reminded that the Grill Grate does in fact raise the temperature of the grill, so remember this on first few uses.

PROS: Best Grill Marks Ever, easy to install, look great, cooks meat well with even heat

CONS: Harder to clean than regular grates

Overall, these are perfect if your old grilling surface is falling apart, or you simply want to upgrade your grill experience.

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