Guzzle Buddy Review

We have all had that day where one glass of wine just would not cut it, or would it? With the Bozzin’ Gear: Guzzle Buddy you can turn any bottle of wine into a single glass.

The Guzzle Buddy adds an extension of a glass to any wine bottle and is sure to be the hit of your next party. The Guzzle Buddy appears to be a regular wine glass, but instead of a stem it has an attachment piece to fasten right into your favorite bottle of vino. In our tests there was no leaking where it attaches and it stays on tight.

The install is pretty simple as you just push and use a slight twisting motion to use the Guzzle Buddy inserted.

Watch the Video to see in Action

PROS: makes a great centerpiece or conversation piece for the party, doesn’t leak

CONS: Hand wash only, some will say that once the Guzzle Buddy is used on a bottle of wine then no one else can drink from the same bottle (but isn’t that the point!)

Overall, why do you need a Guzzle Buddy from Boozin’ Gear, beca*use pouring is BORING!

Get yours today by visiting:

*Always remember to enjoy responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

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