Hi-Tops Review

The next unique tailgating game is here! HI TOPS!

Tailgating games are all the rage and it is essentially an arms race for companies to come out with the latest and greatest ideas.  Hi-Tops has come out with a new tailgating game that brings multiple aspects of your favorite tailgating games all rolled into one!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Hi-Tops game for review and can say its a unique game,but you use similar skills from other games you may have played in the past.
You have the option of choosing your favorite team colors to be printed on the high quality plastic. The basic game currently runs $129.99
The Hi-Tops game comes ready with minimal assembly needed to get your game on. You have the two towers, 2 hacky sack type balls, a carrying case, pins (to hold the game down into the ground), and solo shot cups.
The game involves trying to sink the ball into the hole on top of the other teams tower. If you sink it then the other team must have a drink. First team to make the other clear out their cups wins.
PROS: light weight, portable, ability to customize team colors, can also serve as a table
CONS: would be nice to have 4 of the game balls vs. 2 and the price may be slightly high at $129.99.
This is a fun and unique game that will garner your tailgate extra attention when you set it up and play. Go check out Hi-Tops today!

Check them out today:

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