Instagate Review

Instagate everything you need to tailgate in one box!

What’s the word everyone uses to call someone that starts fights or starts things?  Instigator is the answer I am looking for. But what would you call something that is trying to start a tailgate party?  Instagate: Tailgating in a Box is the answer I am looking for here. It’s the perfect item to get the tailgating going. Don’t have plates? No worries. No cups or utensils?  No problem. Forgot to bring the Beer Pong set up?  No worries there either. This box is or has everything you would need. It even has the disposable grill to get those brats and burgers fired up. Need a place to store the beverages, once the box is empty, it makes for a perfect cooler to keep those drinks cold. This bad boy is everything you need to get your party going.

Pros:  All in one!  Saves all sorts of room. Includes just about everything you would need for the party. All in one convenient easy to carry box.

Cons:  It doesn’t have its own bartender.

All in all this is a must have item for any tailgater. Perfect fit for the beginner, easy set up for the seasoned pro.

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