Jackery Explorer Review

POWER, we all need it, especially when we can’t have it. How many times have you been out at a tailgate, or out camping and your phone is running low on power? No need to answer that question, as it happens to everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have power on demand to power your phone, laptop, or other appliances? The JackeryExplorer can give you the power you need.


The Jackery Explorer is a power block that can charge up to 4 devices at one time! It has charging hook ups for: (1) AC, USB, USB-C and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0. With these different hook ups you’ll be able to charge any of your small appliances.  It gives off 75 watts an hour of electricity with its ultra high capacity battery.  It weighs 1.5 pounds and is easy to stash in your bag when you head out.

I got my Jackery Explorer in and took it out to Sedona, AZ on a recent trip. I took this through airport security and on the plane with no issues at all. I like how it has multiple hook up’s, so you can charge a variety of devices. Obviously ,what I need this for the most is my phone and laptop. It can also come in handy on an airplane to power a laptop if you need to work and they don’t have any power hook up’s by your seat.

When you first get the Jackery Explorer, you hook it up so it can charge it’s high capacity battery and then you can see it will state 100 when fully charged. This digital display will show you exactly how much juice is left as you let it charge your devices. When you power the device on there is a quiet hum that you hear and then know its fired up.

During the tests I did it with just a cell phone and it fully charged it up in less than an hour. Then I hooked up 3 devices and all were powering at the same time. The Jackery is a little too big to go into your pocket, but if you have backpack or something similiar it fits in quite nicely.  You will be able to get multiple full charges for your phone out of a single charge with the Jackery Explorer.

*The more devices you hook up to the Jackery Explorer the quicker it will drain the battery*

PROS: can charge up to 4 devices, can go on an airplane, provides power on the go for a variety of items

CONS: Too big to fit in your pocket, This will not have the capacity for you to power a full TV set up for the afternoon at a tailgate (they make something for that though)

If you’re tired of running out of power then do something about it! The Jackery Explorer is ready to help power up your life.

Get yours HERE

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