Knob Where You Need It Review

If you’re reading this then you grill. As a griller, there is one step you always do when cooking with gas: turning off and turning on the propane tank. The problem is forgetting to turn the propane tank off, or burning yourself when attempting to do so.  There is a better way and its with Knob Where You Need It.

First off, I’ll say I can’t believe that major grill companies have not already added this option to their grills. Once you see and use it you’ll see how simple it is and why I believe one day this will come standard on many gas grills. I know I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about what the Knob Where You Need It is. In the most simple terms its a knob that installs to the front of your grill that can cut the propane tank on, or off. There is no more bending over, crawling around the back of the grill, or burning yourself. It’s also great because it puts a reminder out there for you to rememer to cut the propane tank off. I know I’ve forgotten to cut the propane tank off on multiple occasions, but never again with Knob Where You Need It.

I got the Knob Where You Need It in a small box and was surprised of how few parts there were to make this happen. You’re going to need a power screw driver and drill bits to complete the install. Let me walk you through my install experience.
-First I have a STOK Quattro grill and I scoped out on the control panel where I would like the Knob Where You Need It to go.
-Then check behind this location to ensure there is not a gas line that I would run into.
-Get your power screwdriver with 7/16 or 1/2 drill bit and drill the hole through. While I didn’t do this you can get a C clamp and wood block to help this step. This was the hardest part of the entire install, as I had to be careful not to power through the panel too hard and cause impact to the gas line.
-Once the hole is opened work the flexible shaft with one side going out the hole and the other towards the top of the propane tank.
-Attach the on and off control of the Knob Where You Need It to the end of the flexible shaft and tighten with a wrench.
-Then attach the other end to the on and off portion of your existing propane tank.
-Test it out to ensure it is working properly and boom you’re all finished.
The install took about 15 minutes and no gas lines were harmed in the making of this review:) Now I can open the propane tank and close it with the ‘K’ knob on the front panel of my grill now.

The install is pretty simple, the concept is great and you’ll never forgot to cut your propane tank off again. As I mentioned at the front end of the article, I bet you’ll see this concept taken by a major grill company in the near future to have this as a standard feature on grills. I had seen this product before, but didn’t think I needed it until I actually installed it. Yes, you can still operate a grill without the Knob Where You Need It, but it just makes the overall grilling experience even better.

If you’re ready to step your grilling game up and install a Knob Where You Need It to your exisiting gas grill then visit them today!


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