KPOP Sauce Review

Life is better when you add some FLAVOR to it and when it comes to cooking adding flavor can make a good meal great. I got in some KPOP sauce recently to try and give my thoughts on.

I got a couple of regular sized and mini (I call them travel sized) bottles in to test. The KPOP sauce is a Korean inspried chili sauce that claims to bring a sweet tangy kick right in your mouth. The KPOP sauce can be used on many foods from chicken, to eggs, to salads, to steaks and the list goes on.

I eat eggs every morning, so I figured what better way to test the KPOP sauce than by putting a splash on my scrambled eggs. I did this in the video below, so you can see my reaction and live feedback. I like doing it this way to give the most honest reaction and feedback possible. Instead of tasting something ahead of time, I like to taste it live and then shoot my fans straight.

If you watch the video below you can see the red paste added and then the moment of truth…it was good! It was a product that tasted very similiar to how it was described: The sweet and tangy, with a kick, Korean chili sauce.

Let me describe the taste in my own words. Upon my first bite there was mild sweetness that had a little sour flavor. This is then followed up by a mild heat on the back end. The KPOP sauce that I tried was the Medium Heat edition.  I’m not a spicy kind of guy, so things that are too spicy wouldn’t get a thumbs up from me (but may from those that like that kind of thing) The spicy level of this was in between medium and mild in my opinion. I liked the sauce and while I won’t use it every day on things, I think it’s that kind of sauce that you may get a hankering for and then its great to have on hand.

PROS: good flavor, plastic bottle (so no worries of glass breakage) squeeze style bottle
CONS: appears there is only medium heat currently

Add some Korean flavor to your favorite foods with KPOP.

Get your KPOP sauce HERE

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