Take your game to the VEGAS level!

Ok, if you are a beer pong fan then you will love this table. It’s really as easy as that. The guys over at LED Beer Pong Tables have created a table that will make you wonder how you ever played without this table.

The table has strips of color changing LED lights and infinity mirrors that create an amazing effect when you are lined up getting ready to make your throw.

The table is of high quality and is tournament sized.  This comes with 2 remote controls one for each team to control the light program. Want the lights to go to the beat of your music? This table can do that too!

PROS: the thing looks awesome. Custom light programs and the infinity mirrors. ability to have the lights go with the music. Show stopper and crowd pleaser.

CONS: We reviewed the first version of this product and have been advised version two fixes some of the issues we saw. The shipping containers will be upgraded to ensure no damage to the unit upon arrival. The music controller will be updated to work even better, the LED lighting strips will be upgraded too, With these updates the only other thing we could want is to easily have the table fold/store/and go. As the table is not easily portable currently.

OVERALL: If you take this game seriously this is a no brainer. In our use, people were amazed that this product is out there and they just sit and stare at the light show it puts on.

Order yours now. CLICK HERE

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