Lit Coolers Tumbler Review

If you don’t have a stainless tumbler already then I have to ask… where have you been?! These type of tumblers are all the rage and it seems like everyone you see has one. Let’s be honest, there are many great tumblers out there that can keep your drink ice cold for a long time, but you know me I LOVE something UNIQUE!
The Lit Coolers Tumbler is a stainless tumbler that keeps ice for approximately 36 hours in my test. The Lit Coolers Tumbler meets the first criteria of a good tumbler: Keeping your drink cold, but what else can it do for you? Glad you asked, as I’m pretty pumped about the next feature that sets these tumblers apart. The Lit Coolers got it name for a reason…because they are LIT. The team at Lit Coolers put our Tailgating Challenge logo on the cup and it can actually light up!
You heard correctly, the tumbler lights up your name, logo, sports team etc. There is a button the side of the tumbler that you press and BOOM the logo lights up bright! I casually showed this to some people the other day and they thought ,pretty cool you can get a nice looking logo on a tumbler, but then I hit the button to cut on the light. That’s when everyone wanted to see it, hold it and figure out how it worked.
This tumbler is unlike any other tumbler I’ve had to chance to review and love the way it can be customized and do something that no other tumbler can…light up a room!

PROS: Keeps ice up to 36 hours, custom logos can be used and yes this tumbler is LIT!
CONS: if they could do the tumblers in a color or texture aside from the grey stainless color that would be awesome.

If you’re ready to have an ice cold drink and light up someone’s day then its time to get the Lit Coolers Tumbler!
Get yours here:

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