Merican Mule Review

Moscow Mules are a classic drink that you make with vodka,ginger beer and lime. You serve them in a copper cup and then enjoy the crisp refreshing flavor. It’s no doubt that these drinks are awesome, but sometimes you can’t bring all the different ingredients where you go. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all of this in a can? Well now you can with Merican Mule.
The Merican Mule is the Mule in a can. These come in a 4 pack and are 7% Alcohol content. They use vodka, ginger and lime in the making of the Merican Mule. The Merican Mule is the most portable way that you can enjoy this classic beverage on the go. Talk about a perfect drink to take tailgating or camping!
Ok, so we know this is an awesome way to take a mule on the go, but we need to address the bigger question: How Does It Taste?
We did a live taste test with multiple testers (you can see the video below) to get some insights after people try it for the first time.
My impressions:
-It is a lighter version of the classic Moscow Mule
-It pours a very light, almost clear color
-It is refreshing
-You can use a copper cup, but I don’t think it is necessary
-These can sneak up on you being slightly stronger than many beers (7%), so be careful

Overall, this is an excellent way to take your Mule on the go. It’s portable and has a good flavor, especially for something that was premade and put into a can. I still think I can make a better one from scratch, but I can’t compete with the ability to toss this in the cooler and go. We salute Merican Mule for helping make a Mule a part of your future tailgates.

Check out Merican Mule HERE

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