Mini Bag Toss Review

If you love to tailgate then chances are you’ve tossed a few games of cornhole,or bag toss before. This is one of the most iconic tailgating games, but if you’re inside and want to play it can be challenging. You may not have the space to set up two big boards and space them out far enough to play. The only way to fix this is to make the game smaller and with the Mini Bag Toss game they did just that.

The Mini Bag Toss game takes the classic game of cornhole and allows you to play it on a table top surface (you can also play on top of a cooler). The boards are small wooden boards that have a scoring system on each with the crib pegs. Just move the peg as the score changes. Unlike regular cornhole you won’t toss the one inch bags by hand, you will catapult them! That’s right, load up the catapult with the adorable, tiny bean bags and launch away. What’s even better is that you can have your business logo, initials, etc. cut into the boards to make them perfect.

I got mine in with the Tailgating Challenge logo and was pumped as they looked great and it was a whole new spin on my favorite tailgating game. The bags and the catapult come in a seperate, draw string bag, so you don’t lose anything. Attach the catapults to each board, select how far apart you want to play (up to 4 feet) and then start launching the bags.

This seemed easy enough and the set up is super simple, but the game itself was much harder than I thought it would be. I played a little while in the house and was having trouble getting bags to stick on the board, or even hitting the board all together. Heck in the video I shot 4 bags and couldn’t get a point!  This game definately brings a new challenge that you likely won’t master in an afternoon.


I love a good challenge and will work to perfect my craft with this game to dominate yet another tailgating challenge;)

PROS: ability to customize, scoring system on the boards, you can play inside

CONS: harder than it looks, only comes in one shade/color of the wood

Overall, this is a fun new twist on the popular cornhole game and I think this will find it’s way to tailgates and be in bars around you soon!

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