Mini Beer Pong Review

Love playing the classic game of beer pong, but hate that you can’t take it everywhere? Well it’s time to check out Mini Beer Pong. This is an all in one table top game that brings the catapult to your classic game of pong.
This mini table allows you to line 1 ounce shot glasses (can be filled from soda to liquor and everywhere in between) in the triangle formation and then you attempt to ‘catapult’ the pong balls from the launcher into the opponents cups.
The game comes with a string that attaches to both balls to allow them not to shoot off the table, but hey I’m a guy that prefers my balls to be free. I believe it takes the level of skill up if you do not use the strings. I compare it to using gutter bumpers at the bowling alley.
This is a fun game that you can play anywhere and it seems to draw interest from all age groups.

PROS: fun, portable, the balls do float, different skill set that regular pong
CONS: they could make even more portable by having the board fold in two with a compartment inside to house the balls, catapults, and cups

Overall, I’m a fan of the game and will bring this to tailgates and neighborhood block parties, alike. 
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