Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa Review

Everyone loves salsa, especially during football season. Whether its dipping a chip or putting on some loaded nachos, salsa is a must in every house. Mrs. Renfro’s salsas provide some unique flavor blends for those of us that are tired of mild, medium and spicy.
Mrs. Renfro gets those different flavors that you may not have tried but really need to. We were able to taste flavors like Mango Habanero, garlic, ghost pepper and the standard mild.  The flavors you get with these are truly unique and depending on your tastes and what you are using the salsa for, it could be perfect for you.  The ghost pepper nacho cheese sauce is not for the weak hearted. This stuff is HOT. If you love hot then order this one now. Otherwise, use just a little bit to help spice up your favorite dish.

Update: We got in some additional flavors Pumpkin, Craft Beer and Tequila and WOW these things were amazing. The pumpkin was my favorite as it has a slight hint of pumpkin in the salsa and wasn’t too hot. The Tequila Salsa actually has tequila in it and is pretty refreshing with a little kick on the back end. The Craft Beer salsa is made with Rahr Beer from Fort Worth Texas and was the hottest of these three that I tried. All three of these I’ll give a thumbs up to and encourage you to branch out from the standard salsa that is at so many tailgating parties this fall!

PROS: Unique flavor blends, great packaging, different heats from mild to blow your mind hot.
CONS: With all the different flavors and heat levels there is something for everyone. Now if they only make one designed specifically for tailgating. I envision a football textured looking lid, a slightly thicker version of their salsa to prevent spilling at the tailgate and maybe even different heat levels with the hottest being the TAILGATING CHALLENGE edition:)

Overall, if you’re looking for some different flavors in your salsa, then you should go check out Mrs. Renfros NOW.

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