Nipyata Review

We all loved trying to bust the pinata when we were kids, but as adults the game lost some of its magic. The team at Nipyata has brought the fun of the classic pinata game back to adults with the Nipyata!
The Nipyata is stuffed with not only candy, but with a variety of mini bottles of liquor to bring smiles to the faces of adults everywhere. The mini bottles are plastic (so no broken glass) and can be stuffed with Fireball whiskey, Tequila, flavored Vodkas and more. Each mini bottle has a fun saying on the back and these make great party favors for each guest to have a shot of their favorite liquor.
The Nipyata comes in a variety of designs, but we opted for the classic colorful donkey to take a swing or two at. We strung the Nipyata up (they include the twine to hang the Nipyata) and then started taking some swings (they include the stick to give party goers who want to play, as well as the blindfold). About 6 people had a chance to take swings at it before the Nipyata busted and fell to the ground.
Watch the video below to see it in action.

PROS: Fun way to bring a classic game back, colorful, variety of alcohol, I also enjoyed the fortune cookie like messages that were on each bottle.
CONS: When the Nipyata busted it simply took the body off the head, but we we then had to open the body to get the goodies out. May have been the way we hit it or how designed.

Overall, everyone at the party had an amazing time doing this. I highly recommend this as a fun way to engage party goers and bring a classic back to life as an adult. Viva Nipyata.
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