Norchill Cooler Review

We all love coolers. They are essential for keeping our drinks ice cold for enjoyment, but sometimes lugging a heavy hard cooler around isn’t fun. The Roto-molded coolers do an excellent job of keeping ice for days, but if you want to be on the go you need a soft cooler. The Norchill Voyager Cooler series is the light-weight cooler that can help you take your cooler on the go.
I got my blue Norchill Voyager cooler in recently and the first thing I noticed was how light it was. I can hold the cooler with just a pinky finger. I’m not able to do that with any of the hard coolers in my collection. The Norchill cooler came in a blue color and they also have a variety of other colors and patterns that are sure to fit your style.

I knew I liked the portability of the Norchill cooler, but I wondered how it would do with keeping things cold. I began to run a series of test using ice, or ice packs to test how long this soft cooler would keep the contents cold. Obviously the more ice you put in the cooler the longer the ice will keep the contents cold and vice versa. I found that in normal conditions you could expect about 24 hours of cooling power with this cooler, which is perfect for an afternoon tailgate.
The Norchill cooler also has a kangaroo style pouch on the outside that allows you to store your koozies and bottle opener. There are side release buckles that allow you to make the cooler more box like to fit in different spaces.
PROS: super light-weight, keeps things cold for 24 hours.
CONS: will not keep ice for days on end
Overall, this is a great cooler if you’re on the go or want to keep something in your car to get groceries home too.  Even if you have an amazing Roto-molded cooler, you still need a soft cooler in your arsenal.


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