Nuun Hydration

Hydration is more important than most people understand. There are so many things we do, especially in the summer, that make us sweat out electrolytes. Nuun Hydration is here to ensure that dehydration doesn’t slow you down this summer.
The team at Nuun Hydration makes effervescent tabs in fun flavors (wild berry, lemon lime, strawberry lemonade and more) and they are so easy to use. Simply drop a tablet into a big glass of water and watch it dissolve into a great tasting drink that will want to make you get more hydratation in your life:)
They even make one that has 40mg of caffiene in it to give you some extra pep to get amped up for your tailgate or make it through your work day.

PROS: great flavor, convenient, one comes with caffiene
CONS: tablets take longer to dissolve than you’d think

Overall, everyone I gave a sample of Nuun to enjoyed the flavor and given my active lifestyle (watch the video) I’ll be doing all I can to stay hydrated with Nuun Hydration.

Check out their website today to get your favorite flavor:

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