Oak Bottle Tumbler Review

I’ve gotten to use quite a few tumblers in all of the product reviews that I’ve completed, but I’ve never reviewed a wooden tumbler, until now. I got in an Oak Bottle Tumbler recently and got to use a tumbler that can change the flavor of your drink.

The Oak Bottle Tumbler is made from oak wood (I’m stating the obvious right) the inside of the tumbler has a medium char to it and this is where the magic happens. This tumbler isn’t made to keep your drink cold… wait, what? Aren’t all tumblers supposed to preserve ice for hours on end? Most are, but this one brings something different to the party.

Let me back up first. I worked with the team at Oak Bottle to get this tumbler with my Tailgating Challenge logo on it. The logo is actually cut into the wood and looks amazing. When I pulled it out of the box I was pretty stoked about the logo and how cool it looked on the wood grain. The tumblers looks and being unique are top notch. Now lets get back to what makes this tumbler unique…the char on the inside of the tumbler.

The inside of the tumbler can actually add an oaky flavor and aroma to bourbons, beers and wines. If you were like me then I’m sure your first response is why? I know my first reaction as why, but then I started to think about it. Wine and bourbon are aged in wooden barrels to bring out the best flavor already, so maybe putting it back in this oak tumbler could help bring out more of the flavors? Of course there is only one way to find out…have to test it out.

I poured some Jack Daniels in the tumbler and let it soak for about 4 hours. On a side note they state to leave the drink of choice in the tumbler from 30 minutes to 4 hours to bring out the flavor. I then shot the video below and tasted it live on camera. I was pleasantly surprised as there was an oaky flavor in the bourbon that made a classic taste better.

I did make an error the first time I used it, as I did not fill it up with water to allow it to set. This helps the wood expand and fill out, so it won’t leak. I had a tiny leak the first time I used it because of this. I then did the steps properly and had no further issues. I would recommend that the company puts some of these directions on the packaging, or with an insert to include in the box.

PROS: Looks awesome, ability to customize with a logo, adds some nice flavor to drinks

CONS: need to ensure you follow all steps (that were not included in box) so it doesn’t leak

Overall, this is a fun, stylish way to take drinks and add something extra to them. If you want to impress your friends at the next tailgate then its time to get a little oaky and get a Oak Bottle Tumbler.

Get your own Oak Bottle Tumbler HERE
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