Planters Nutmobile Tour

There are GIANT peanuts driving around your streets. Do Not Panic. I repeat Do Not Panic. These are the Planters Nutmobiles and they are here to bring miles of smiles to everyone they come in contact with.  The Nutmobile came to our town and we knew we needed to learn more about one of the most unique vehicles that you will see driving down the road.

Did you know the Nutmobile was first brought out in 1935? During the Great Depression they brought the first ever Nutmobile out to help bring some positive vibes in an otherwise dark period in our history. Fast forward to 2020 and I think we are all in need of more of those positive vibes and that is what the Nutmobile is here to do.

Check out some of these facts about the Nutmobile:

-11.5 feet tall, 26 feet long, 13,000 pounds

-Rooftop Solar Panels

-Peanut shaped dash

-Mr. Peanut through the years timeline ceiling art

-6 blue and yellow seats with custom peanut embroidery

When I first saw the Nutmobile online I knew that if I ever had the chance, I had to go see it. I mean I love peanuts and this thing is so unique. To my surprise just weeks after seeing the new Nutmobile it showed up in my town near Fort Collins, CO. I showed up at one of their events and was able to arrange a time where we could interview the crew and get a full tour of the NutMobile.


First off, the team that runs this particular Nutmobile is awesome. They are super engaging and for some reason all have names that have nut puns attached to them, go figure. We got to chat and get some of those burning questions answered. I’ll touch on some of these below, but you can see the full interview and tour by watching the video below.

Q: What kind of gas mileage does the Nutmobile get?

A: It gets Miles of Smiles. (Translation they stop A LOT at gas stations)

Q: How do you clean the Nutmobile?

A: We stop at fire stations and get to use the equipment that the firefighters use to clean the fire trucks. (Side note shout out to ALL the firefighters out there)

Q: How many Nutmobiles are on the road?

A: There are 3 current Nutmobiles on the road.

Q: Is there a bathroom in the Nutmobile?

A: There is no bathroom.

Q: Do you sleep in the Nutmobile?

A: We do not, we get hotel rooms across the country as we travel.

Q: How fast does the Nutmobile go?

A: 70mph

Q: How many nuts fit in the Nutmobile?

A: We keep up to 300 pounds of nuts in the Nutmobile.

Q: What are the ridges of the peanut body made of?

A: Pool Noodles

Q: Is there a rivalry between the Nutmobile and the Wienermobile?

A: There is no rivalry.

Our tour of the Nutmobile was great and the added bonus we got to go on a spin in the Nutmobile. People look, honk, wave and are simply in awe of one of the most unique vehicles that are on the road. If you see the Nutmobile in your town stop by, learn more about Planters, get some nuts and meet some great people.

Learn more about the Nutmobile and see their tour schedule HERE


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