Have you ever been walking around a tailgate and someone said: here take a shot with me. This happens, quite often, at some schools I must say. What normally happens is you pass around the bottle of liquor and take a drag off of it, but come on who knows where some of these mouths have been! You need a shot glass you can have on you at all times, so when it’s time to take a shot you are ready.

The POP SHOT is a necklace/keychain that has a collapsible shot glass on the inside. You just pull the top off and pull out the expanding shot glass..fill it up! This is a two ounce shot glass that can be the official necklace of tailgating.

This is a fun idea at tailgating events, or concerts that is sure to draw some laughs from your friends. Hey you know me always prepared!

The one thing to remember with this is that it is made of metal, so it will conduct heat….don’t fill with hot liquid, I warned you.

Check out the video below to watch it in action and remember never drink after anyone sketchy!

PROS: fun idea, always have a glass when you need one, get some good laughs

CONS: when I try to flick it out and have it lock, with one hand, it doesn’t always lock in place. You can look way cooler if you do it that way, but you run the risk of it collapsing down and then those cool points may go the wrong way.

Overall, this is a fun idea for tailgating, concerts and bachelor/bachelorette parties. So get out there and POP SHOT.

Get yours HERE

tailgating 2

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