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If you are like me then you wish football was a year round sport. There is something about a football in the hand that just feels right and tossing the ball around shouldn’t be relegated to just the fall time of year. The team at KidAgains came up with the Quarterback Touchdown game that will allow you and your friends to play football year round and have a lot of fun.

The Quarterback Touchdown game comes with 4 mini footballs and one target that breaks down to go into a carrying case. The target is like a tic tac toe board, as there are nine holes that you aim to toss the football into. You can play the game anyway you like, from assigning point totals to each hole, to calling out a certain hole that you’re going for, to the first person that gets a ball in every hole wins. The sky is the limit.

Step up the game by going further and further away from the target to see who has the best accuracy.

The game is fun and can be a little addicting. There are just two things that need to happen to make the game perfect.

First, there needs to be more balls and have them color coorindated, should you play tic tac toe.

Secondly, there needs to be a bracing system or more weight in the bottom of the game as it doesn’t hold up to wind too well and will fall over.

PROS: very fun game that anyone can play.
CONS: doesn’t hold up to wind well and need more mini footballs to be included.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games now, I even play in the house…much to my wife’s delight:)

Channel your inner Quarterback and get Quarterback Touchdown game here:


*The views expressed are my opinions alone, your individual results may vary. 

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