Siberian Coolers Review

If you tailgate or camp a cooler is a must. You want to make sure you keep your food and drink not just cold for a few hours, but ice cold for as long as your adventure takes. We got to test out the Siberian Cooler recently and came away impressed with how long it kept the contents cold.

The Siberian cooler model we tested had a few features, 4 cup holders built into the lid, a cooler divider that was also a cutting board and a basket that attaches above the ice to keep whats in the basket cold, but not wet. The bottom of the cooler is non-skid so even on a boat it won’t slide around.

We put a few beverages into the cooler and only added a few ice packs to really test how long the drinks would stay at a perfect drinking temperature. We loaded the cooler up and took it out on the lake (sailgating) for the day. Our boat doesn’t have cup holders and drinks normally fly all over the place if you don’t hold them. I like the built in cup holders, but do wish they were just a little deeper. The non-skid bottom was awesome and the cooler didn’t move an inch when accelerating or turning.

The drinks stayed super cold all day. I left the last few drinks in the bottom of the cooler (again with only 2 ice packs not a mountain of ice) and 48 hours later we cracked a drink that tasted that it had just come of out of fridge. NICE.

PROS: non-skid bottom, classic clean design, cutting board that doubles as cooler separator, basket to keep items cold but not wet.

CONS: needs slightly deeper cup holders. minimal color choices (white/grey)

Overall, this cooler performs at a higher level than its price point would indicate. Go check them out today.

Get yours HERE

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