SIC cups Review

As I looked around the get together, I was at this past weekend, everywhere I looked people were holding their stainless tumblers holding their cold drink of choice. I get it, tumblers are what is in now and they serve an awesome and useful purpose (to not dilute the contents of our precious beverages) but if you’re like me you have to be a little different. I want a tumbler that stands out in the sea of stainless….time for a SIC cup!

The SIC cups takes the classic stainless tumbler design, but then they go a step further by powder coating it to your favorite color. We got a blue one,to match the color of my car (now that’s classy haha). I pulled it out of the box and was impressed at the looks. It is a 30 oz, sweat proof, keep your drink cold for way longer than needed, tumbler that said more about me than any regular stainless tumbler ever could.

Ok that’s great, there’s a new cup on the market that comes in some sweet colors, but does it keep a drink cold? Glad you asked. We quickly put the SIC cup to the test and filled it with ice and a drink. I polished the drink off with out any ice melting, no shocker there:) Then I let the cup sit both inside and out in the Texas heat. The results are pretty impressive!

After 6 hours there was approximately 20% ice meltage (is that a word?)

After 18 hours about 60% ice meltage

After 24 hours about 70% ice meltage but check this I check the temperature of the drink…32 degrees still!

PROS: unique look from the sea of stainless tumblers, keeps drinks cold for hours. Love the unbreakable lid that has an awesome locking device so the drink won’t spill

CONS: Would be nice if you could customize further and not have to order a huge quantity to do so. Like all tumblers you are advised to not put these in the dishwasher (I kind of want to see what happens, but no way I’m ruining this awesome cup)

Overall, if you’re looking to keep a drink hot or cold for longer than most humans will ever need and do so with a touch of style check out SIC cups….

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