STOK Grills Review

Tailgating and grilling go hand in hand. I mean what would a tailgating event be with NO FOOD?  In the past the problem has been how do I get my large home grill down to the game. It’s either too heavy, too messy, or I don’t have room in my vehicle to transport it.  These are no longer issues thanks to STOK Grills.  STOK has invented the Gridiron grill that is perfect for tailgating, camping and more.

We had the pleasure of testing the STOK gridiron grill out recently and came away impressed.  I’ll start by saying we have tested other ‘tailgating’ style grills in the past and this STOK gridiron grill got our attention quickly.  The Gridiron solves many of the portability issues that we have all faced as it folds up with handles on each end to carry.  There is a locking mechanism on both the legs and the grill top to ensure nothing comes loose while you are moving it. Moving the grill was a breeze and this grill is MUCH lighter than some of the other portable grills we have tested in the past. The STOK also has an electric push button igniter

All these facts above make it the perfect tailgating grill, but STOK didn’t stop there and they added an insert system to allow you to cook anything from chicken wings to pancakes, to pizza on this grill..That’s right I said pancakes!  They have many inserts you can swap out and put in the middle of the grill, from a wok, skewer holder, griddle, and many more.  Whats even better is that the majority of them are Dishwasher safe:)

Everything comes in the box you need except for the propane tank.

PROS: lightweight, folding design, easily portable, unique insert systems to literally cook just about anything.
CONS: the only minor CON we could find is that it would be nice, for some fans, to be able to select a different color for the grill top aside from Orange

OVERALL, if you are a tailgater, camper or just want a nice portable grill then you need to go to Target or Direct Tools and pick one of these up today!

Get your perfect tailgating STOK Gridiron grill HERE

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