Clean Cup Review

Beer and party games go together like peanut butter and jelly. One of the most popular drinking games is beer pong.  It’s a simple game where all you need is beer, ping pong balls and plastic cups and you are ready to go.  The only downside to beer pong is that the ball used can get pretty dirty from bouncing on the table or ground, the beer in the cups and the players hands.  Most people make a “wash cup” were you dip the ball in a cup of water to wash it off, but does it really get that clean?!

Well, the owners of House Rules created The Clean Cup to assist in cleaning the dirty ping pong balls used in beer pong. The Clean Cup is a battery operated (4 AA), table top unit that will replace the nasty and highly ineffective “wash cup” that is so commonly used in today’s beer pong play.  It’s a portable unit that with a simple touch of a button your ping pong ball will be cleaned in a matter of seconds.  You simply drop your dirty ball into the top of The Clean Cup just like you would with the old wash cup, give the button a quick push and watch as your balls are automatically rinsed.  Within seconds your ball is rinsed and returned, floating on air waiting for your next shot.

The product works as promised but the issue I had was with the set up.  The product does not come with any directions for set up.  When I took the product out of the box I grabbed four AA batteries (not included with product) and inserted them in The Clean Cup, which provides two ping pong balls.  I tested the product and it didn’t seem to work properly.  Everything I read said that the ping pong ball would be cleaned by a spray wash, which would mean water is used but there is nothing on the package that tells you to add water or where or how.  And since this is battery operated I was a bit weary I would add the water incorrectly and possible mess up the system.  I decided to pour water in the same area the ping pong balls go and I placed a dirty ball in The Clean Cup and pressed the button.  And it worked as stated on the box.  The ping pong ball was cleaned by a spray wash and then popped back up on a bed of air.

Now that I figured out the correct way to use the product the next mystery was how to get the dirty water out.  I wasn’t sure how to do it so I just dumped it upside down and as I did that, the product fell apart….sorta.  It turns out there is a hidden water drawer that you can pull out to fill and empty with and I guess I was holding the product by that when I dumped it upside down.  There was no damage to the product and now I know how to properly add water next time.

PROS: Works as promised, solves the problem of dirty ping pong balls, portable, innovative product

CONS: Requires 4 AA batteries, directions not provided *Update after reading our review the company will be providing directions in all future orders and email all past customers with proper directions.

OVERALL, The Clean Cup definitely delivers on its promise of cleaning the dirty ping pong ball used for beer pong.  It is rather large and depending on how long the batteries last it could become costly.  I could see this being used at bars and parties, but it may be more beneficial to have two so you can have one for each side.

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