The Original Hockey Sauce Kit Review

Hockey is a game that is big up north, but not so much down south. I grew up in the south and never played a second of hockey in my life. I recently moved to Colorado, where hockey is a big deal and figured I should learn more. I know that I’m not quite ready to lace up the skates and get in the rink, so instead I found a hockey yard game. Let’s dive further into our The Original Hockey Sauce Kit Review.

I’ve enjoyed playing a wide variety of yard games over the years, but never a hockey game. While I was on Instagram I saw The Original Hockey Sauce Kit and people were having a blast playing. There were awesome trick shots and skills that I know I’ll need to practice quite a bit to get to that skill level. I got my hands on a game and when it came in the first thing I said is “where is the hockey stick?” It should be known that this game does NOT come with a hockey stick. I assume they figure that most that are buying this game have been playing some form of hockey and have a stick available.

Game Set Up

  • Games can be played 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or solo
  • Set up nets at desired length apart with shooting board directly in front of the net (standard length is 20 feet apart – depending on soil level adjust accordingly)
  • Each team/player should have 2-5 pucks depending on supply
  • You will need your own hockey stick
  • For added difficultly place object (box, hockey bag, lawn chair, recycling bin, etc) in between the nets/shooting boards so that you must throw extra SAUCE on your pass to score  


  • A Game is played to either 11 or 21 points.  First team/player to reach 11 or 21 points wins
  • You can score either 1 point or 3 points per SAUCER Pass
  • 1 POINT = scored when the SAUCER Pass thrown slides on the AAA Grade Synthetic Ice Sauce Board or other surface you are playing (street, ice etc) before entering the goal
  • 3 POINT – scored when the SAUCER Pass enters the net with out sliding on the AAA Grade Synthetic Ice Sauce Board or other surface at all. Or hits any of the posts, just a Ppure airborne SAUCER Pass that dirtily enters the goal & hits nothing but net = “Swish”
  • Earning Points – you must outscore your opponent for the round.  The difference in score is your earned points
  • Interference – If a player from the opposing team interferes with a SAUCER Pass – 3 points is deducted from their score that round
  • Tip Game – Players from the same team can help tip their teammates SAUCER Pass into the goal with the same rules applying for 1 Point – slide ins and 3 Points – pure airborne SAUCE
  • Dead Sauce – if the attempted SAUCER Pass hits, rolls, touches or skips before the shooting board, then no points are awarded.
The Original Hockey Sauce Kit Review
Getting Saucy

Hockey Sauce Kit Testing

We set up our Hockey Sauce Kit in the house to start out with! You can play in the house, but you have to be careful as things could get out of hand. We have a large open space in our basement that was perfect set up to play for the first time. We set up the goal and then backed up to get saucy with it.

Remember I have NEVER held a hockey stick in my life, so it felt weird the first few shots. I started to get into a flow and the red and orange pucks started to find the net. Once I started to get in a flow it felt natural and there was a consistent shot that was being made each time.

Next up we took the game to the grass and had some other new players join, who also had never held a hockey stick! They also started to get in the flow and you could see the smiles coming out as they found out they could actually play hockey.

Finally, our favorite spot to play games: the parking lot. We got The Original Sauce Toss Kit set up and started having some fun with another group of new players. At one point, a player mentioned making the shot feels impossible. Thirteen seconds later he made his first shot and then some more after that. Seeing the impossible become possible is an awesome thing.

When the Impossible Becomes Possible

The white launch pads are made to resemble the normal ice that hockey is played on. This can help you get your shot set up just right before you launch it towards the goal.

This game can be played just about anywhere and it helps that the game is portable. Each of the goals has a carry strap and the goal will close up so the pucks won’t come out in transport.


Pros: a game that anyone can play, portable, fun, ability to help people fall in love with the sport of hockey

Cons: does not include a hockey stick

Overall, this game was more fun than I thought. Given that I’d never played hockey before I thought I would stink it up with this game and not have much fun. The Original Hockey Sauce Kit taught me that anyone can learn the game of hockey and have a lot of fun doing it.

If you want to sauce it up and play some hockey, yard games style then visit THE ORIGINAL HOCKEY SAUCE KIT

Thanks for reading this far and if you have any questions about the original hockey sauce kit review, please leave them below and we will get back to you.

The Original Sauce Kit Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/24/21

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