ThroGlo Game Review

When the sun goes down most of our favorite games are harder to play. You have to find some light source in order to play many tailgating games, but we just found a game that was built for when the sun goes down: ThroGlo.

The ThroGlo game is ring toss style game where you attempt to toss the ring on to the cone for points. What makes ThroGlo different is that the rings and the cones light up, so when the sun sets it is even easier to see the targets.

ThroGlo comes with the following in the backpack style carrying case:

  • 2 collapsible light up cones (powered by 2 AAA batteries)
  • 4 LED rings, 2 red, 2 blue (USB powered)
  • Carrying case
  • 2 landing pads that you put the cones on
  • 8 lawn spikes

We got our ThroGlo game set up and started playing during the day and learned one thing quickly, this game is tough. It is extremely challenging to get the ring on the cone. This was similar feedback from many that tested the game out with us. I’m wondering if a slightly larger ring with a touch more weight would make it a bit easier to have a better chance to make the ring on the cone. We played numerous games and unless we got pretty close to the cone we could not get it on.

Fast forward to that evening. The sun started to set and and it was time to see how ThroGlo game would really perform. We pushed the button on the cones to light them up. The cones have two settings one is a flashing green light, or a solid green light. Again, the cones come with the needed AAA batteries and having this upgraded to a USB rechargeable would be a nice upgrade in the future. The LED rings are USB rechargeable and last over 12 hours per charge. These rings have 3 light settings: fast flashing, slow flashing or solid color (red/blue).

Once we had the game set up it looked awesome. The game really does GLOW and it was fun as it got darker outside to see the ThroGlo game start to light up the night. Just looking at the game you’re mesmerized, as it is different and beautiful.

Again, my two pieces of feedback for the game are:

  1. USB rechargeable cones, instead of batteries
  2. Making the rings slightly bigger and heavier for better user play

Overall, this is the best night game that we have tested. This is great to keep ready to go when the sun sets and you are not ready for the games to end.

Learn more and order your own ThroGlo game by CLICKING HERE

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Written By: Luke Lorick 8/9/20

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