USA Can Fridge Review

If you’re reading this then I’m betting you love learning about new ways to keep your food and drinks cold. Today we showcase the new USA Can Fridge from the Guay Group. This adds some USA patriotic flare in addition to its better than expected cooling powers.

The Guay Group has a range of different cooling products to help keep your drinks cold that include:

-mini fridges

-ice bullets

-single can quick chillers

-Beer Chill Sticks

Today we look deeper into their newest offering the USA Can Fridge. This new fridge is in the shape of an actual aluminum can. Seems appropriate given that we’ve been chilling a wide assortment of cans in this fridge. They also add some patriotic flare to the fridge with USA badging over the sides of the fridge.

We got our USA Can Fridge in the mail and then hooked it up to see how it performed compared to the numerous other mini fridges that we have tested over the years. The first thing you will notice with this fridge is the styling. With this fridge being in the shape of a can (the can tab is actually a carrying handle) and the USA styling, it really stands out from some of the more ‘basic’ looking fridges we have seen.

Next up, we got real quiet to take note of how much sound this fridge would make. We noticed the hum this fridge produces and while it is not loud, relatively speaking, it is still louder than many of the other models we have tested in the past. Again, it’s not going to be a big deal to the average consumer, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t add this perspective to the review.

The USA Can fridge can hold up to 8 regular sized cans. In order for this to happen you have to take the shelf out and stack the drinks on top of each other. With the shelf in you can easily get a six pack of your favorite drinks in the fridge. With the shelf in you can still put 4 larger pint beers ‘bombers’ in the bottom and two regular sized cans up top on the shelf. If you remove the shelf you can then put bigger items like a wine bottle, champagne, etc.

You can power this fridge with AC/DC power. This means that it can keep your drinks cold in your man cave, your she shed, at the tailgate (we used the Jackery Portable Power Station to power ours away from home), or powered in your vehicle. Not that I need to say this, but remember NEVER drink alcohol and drive.

The thing that surprised me the most was the cooling powers of this fridge. Normally when companies put stats out on their products they slanted them in their favor and it could be hard to reproduce the same results in the real world. The Guay Group claims this fridge could get as cold as 36 degrees F, but we actually got it down below 34 degrees F! Pretty solid results and very cold beer!

Overall, this is a stylish, patriotic, portable, and cool as it gets (literally) fridge from the Guay Group. It impressed us more than we thought and we think you may just feel the same way!

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Guay Group sent us a sample unit to test out with the intentions of getting our honest review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 1/8/2020

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