Wanderer Backpack Cooler Review

Wandering to some is a waste of time and can even be scary, as it seems you have no plan. I on the other hand can appreciate some good wandering. From wandering from tailgate to tailgate, to wandering the wilderness in search of peace and quiet, wandering is something that can be awesome, if properly prepared. The Wanderer Cooler from Neanderthal Tailgate can prepare you for the best wandering of your life.

The Wanderer is a backpack cooler that comes in two sizes (24 can or 48 can holding capacity). The Wanderer is rugged with mesh pockets on the side, a bottle opener, and (drum roll please) a solar panel! That’s right a solar panel is afixed on the top of the Wanderer cooler to help charge your small electronics, with the power of the sun. Oh it can also keep food and drinks chilled for 24 hours!

I got the Wanderer 45 in and first off, its one of the biggest backpack coolers I’ve come into contact with. It has a tough, durable look to it and there is even a small neanderthal man printed on the pocket. I saw the solar panel on top and knew this cooler was different than the other backpack coolers I’ve tested in the past. I then opened one of the pockets and there was a bluetooth speaker too! As I continued to explorer the Wanderer I found the attached bottle opener and the cavernous interior that has some very interesting colors to it! The interior has a physhedelic color changing property to it. Not sure if that helps keep the drinks cold or not, but it’s pretty cool.

I loaded it up with a frozen ice block and some drinks and off to testing I went. Over 24 hours later the ice block was not fully melted. It could not last for 48 hours, though. I’d rate this as a solid 24 hours of keeping your food and drinks cold though, with no problem. Next up I started playing with the solar charging panel and learned that it has to be in direct sunlight for it to charge. Once in direct sunlight it kicks into gear and will start charging up your phone, laptop, tablet and more.

If you fully load this up it can be pretty heavy, but luckily it has comfortable shoulder straps and a waist strap to take some of the strain off your back.  The backpack on its own weights 5 pounds for Wanderer 45 and 4 pounds with the smaller Wanderer 30.

PROS: Solar panel, bluetooth speaker, keeps contents cold for 24 hours, comes in two sizes.
CONS: the solar panel only works in direct sunlight

If you’re ready for a backpack cooler that will prepare you for your next adventure, then it’s time to check out the Wanderer cooler from Neanderthal Coolers.

Get yours today by visiting Neanderthal Coolers.


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