Waters Edge Cooler

Coolers are the one product that everyone needs and if you’re like me you don’t always like to blend in to the sea of standard colored coolers. The team at Waters Edge Cooler sent us a 30 quart extreme cooler in a beautiful sea foam style color.

Some of the fun features (aside from a great color) that the Waters Edge cooler provides:

-Ability to customize. You can see our Tailgating Challenge logo on the lid. 
-A purge valve on the front of the cooler to release air pressure build up. (when air outside vs inside are at a differential)
-chained drain plug (this also drains better than any cooler I’ve tested)
-carrying handle (love this as makes carrying the cooler much easier than the side handles on others)
-stainless steel lock that is also a bottle opener
-friction pads on the bottom to prevent skidding

These are all great features that make this cooler nice to own, but how well does it do its primary job in keeping things cold.

I filled the cooler up with a bag of ice and few beverages to test it out. The ice lasted almost 3 days and was still cold to the touch after 72 hours. (Individual results may vary based on where you live and how often you open the cooler)

PROS: the handle is awesome and makes toting the cooler much easier than most. I love the drain too as it’s curved on the bottom so you don’t have to really do the standard tipping to get all the water out of the bttom.  The color ROCKS!
CONS: The only real con is that they are a growing company so they have few options in terms of size and colors currently…but those will come.
Overall, this cooler gets compliments where I’ve taken it and its all about the color. There are many coolers that can keep ice, but few that look as good doing it, as the Waters Edge Cooler.

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