Whiskey Ice Ball

Ice isn’t normally a big topic around here, except for how long a cooler can hold ice, but today that changes. Today we talk about Whiskey Ice Ball. This unique ice is coveted by whiskey drinkers, as it looks awesome and it melts slower to preserve the quality of the top shelf whiskey they are drinking. Some whiskey ice ball machines cost upwards of $1,000! I’m not sure there is any ice that we would ever pay that much for. The search began for something that was more reasonable in cost, that any whiskey drinker could afford and we found it. Now on to the Whiskey Ice Ball hack.

On Amazon we found a Whiskey Ice Ball maker that creates 4 whiskey ice balls at a time for around $10. This price point is much more reasonable, but how would the ice turn out? Would it be a pain to use? Would it leak? Would it simply be more trouble than it is worth? No worries, that is why we are here to test these things out so you can get the details, before shelling out your hard earned cash.

We got our Whiskey Ice Ball maker in and got to work in making the ice. Below are the steps needed to create your whiskey ice balls.

Steps For Use

  1. Clean the tray and ice holders.
  2. Snap the tops of the ice holders onto the tray.
  3. Fill up each ice ball to the fill line (we recommend filling a little past this).
  4. Slide into the freezer for 6-8 hours, or until completely frozen.

I followed the steps aside from step 3, as we filled up 3 of the ice ball molds above the fill line. When the ice expanded it created some excess ice out of the top of the ice molds, but no big deal. The one that we filled only to the line came out with a flat spot, hence the reason we share to fill these past the fill line, so you get the perfectly rounded ice balls.

Next we worked each ice ball out of the mold and put it into a glass. I was actually really surprised at how cool this ice looked. My hopes weren’t high, as the product was only $10, but after one use I was a believer.

Time to pour our whiskey on top of the ice and then a big sip. Very nice. This brings the WOW factor, as the ice will last for multiple drinks. With regular ice you are replacing the ice after each drink.

Overall, this is great value that exceeded our expectations. Our whiskey ice balls are in the freezer waiting to impress our next guest that comes by for a homegating party.

You can get your Whiskey Ice Ball set on AMAZON.

Check out that Whiskey Ice Ball

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/2/20

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