Winerest Review

Tailgating is awesome, we all know that, but tailgating chairs have always catered to beer drinkers. If you enjoy wine at your tailgate then its hard to find a good place to put your glass.

Winerest came up with a product to help wine aficionados across the world Wine’Gate better. The Winerest simply attaches with velcro to your current tailgating chair to give a home for your wine glass.

Installation takes just seconds. They have a few styles available and are able to customize should you need the perfect look for your Winerest.

PROS: great idea to help wine lovers at a tailgate or camping event, no new chair to buy (in majority of cases), different designs, economical
CONS: To fully support larger glasses filled with wine you have to slide the arm rest of the chair down and it will then be very sturdy, but then you won’t be able to use the armrest like you normally do when sitting in the chair.
Overall, great idea for those wine loving tailgaters in your life. Get your own today by CLICKING HERE.

*As always Tailgating Challenge and Winerest encourage you to drink responsibly. 

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