Wobblrs Review

There are hundreds of different games that are played at tailgates each weekend, but there are few that focus on soccer. There are the likely games that you will see at any tailgate, from cornhole (BagToss), beer pong, football toss, etc. but have you ever seen someone kicking around a soccer ball at a tailgate? I haven’t, but I think I will see more soccer balls a tailgates thanks to the Wobblrs game.

The Wobblrs game comes with two Wobblrs and you can add a custom Wobblrs ball too (they can be purchased separately). The Wobblrs game gets its name because each of the two targets, one blue the other red, actually wobble and won’t fall over when you hit them. The goal of the game is to kick the ball and hit the target to get points.

We took our Wobblr set out this weekend to see how it would play and if it really is tailgating suitable. We walked off the 11 paces that they suggest to space the two Wobblrs apart. From there you can grab a drink and start kicking. Tap the ball towards the Wobblr and if you hit it it’s worth one point. The games go on until the first team that gets to 11points wins the game.

To be honest, I played soccer when I was growing up, but I haven’t kicked a soccer ball in years, until I started testing the Wobblrs game out.  The longer I played the better I got and I realized this is a great tailgating game, because it’s fun and it doesn’t use your hands at all. This means you can easily have a drink in one hand and food in the other without having to put anything down.

The game is highly portable and you could easily leave in the corner of the trunk or under a seat and always have Wobblrs on hand ready to play. Every tailgating game I’ve played has always involved my hands. Now you can have a free hand while you get your KICKS with the Wobblrs game!


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