Zber Disc Game Review

Frisbee games are awesome, but with most games once the sun sets the game is over. Not the case with the new Zber Disc game. Let’s see why this game is perfect for any time of the day in our Zber Disc Game Review.

What’s Included

  • 5 Zber Poles/bases
  • 6 Light up Discs
  • Carrying Case
  • 5 flashlights


Rule Number One:

 Player 1 throws disc at Pole 1, trying to knock the golf ball off its tee. Play continues in order of the numbered discs. The thrower must keep one foot on the landing spot of his/her previous throw.  

Rule Number Two:

 All play for a hole stops as soon as one player knocks over the Zber ball – either by hitting the ball directly or by hitting the pole. That player scores one point and all other players get zero. Play then proceeds to the next hole. One foot of the thrower must remain within two feet of the pole on initial throws.

Rule Number Three:

The player winning a hole goes last for the next hole. Rotation of players continues as set at the beginning of game, i.e. If  player 3 scores the point then player 4 throws first on the next hole.

Rule Number Four:

Play holes one to five then reverse and proceed from hole five to one. Play continues in this fashion until a player scores the required number of points.  The winner gets to reset the course for the next game.

Game Play

When we first unpacked the game I was surprised that there were 5 poles. Normally 1-2 game pieces is all that is needed for back and forth play. They could easily get away with fewer game pieces, but if you you’re setting up a fun course then the 5 game poles can make this easier.

Speaking of setting up the course this game is more fun when you play it in unique locations. We played in the streets, woods and on a golf course. You can take the fun and skill level up when you place the Zber game in unique places that could be more challenging to hit the target.

Out of all the places we set the game up, playing on top of a hill and throwing down at the Zber game was the most fun for all of us. See our excitement when we make the shot from atop the hill in the video below.

Once the sun goes down is where the Zber Disc Game starts to shine, literally. The frisbees light up and looks awesome flying through the night. There is a small flashlight (included) that goes in the bottom of each Zber pole to help you see what you are throwing too. It looks really cool through the front hole (each hole signifies what number of the course you’re on) in the Zber poles as the light glows out.

Once you hit the ball target on the top to knock it down that hole is cleared and that team/player gets the point. Once cleared you move on to the next hole to try and get the points. When you’ve cleared all five you repeat until a team hits the number of points needed to win the game.


PROS: can play at night, the more unique the location the better, fun game play , mesh game bag for easy transportion

CONS: game flips over easily when hit with disc (this could cause damage to poles)

Overall, this game was addicting as we wanted to keep moving it to different areas to see if we could hit the target. In addition to being a fun game the ability to play at night is a game changer. Having both the target and the frisbee light up makes it easy to see where you’re throwing and it looks pretty dang cool.

Learn more and get your own game set by visiting ZBER

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We NEVER get paid to give a review, this way we can keep it real with you. We were sent one game set up to test out with the understanding that we’d give our honest thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 12/27/20

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