ZEE’S Secret Sausage Sauce Review

What exactly is it that you 1st picture in your head when you hear “Zee’s Secret Sausage Sauce”?  I bet you are thinking a sauce that some body threw together as a way to spice up his sausage or something.  The label says “Created Specially for Grill Sausage” and it’s the 1st and ONLY sauce created specially for Sausages.

I am here to tell you that it isn’t just for Sausage.  This sauce is AWESOME!!!  You got some grilled Chicken, pour a little on it.  You got some chicken Strips?  Dunk em in the Zee’s sauce.  There are so many things you can use this sauce on other than Sausages.  But don’t get me wrong; Zee’s is AWESOME on some sausage too.  It has a great Smokey flavor to it, but not too much as to overpower what you created on the grill.  Has a bit of mustard taste as well.  It’s so many different flavors going on that all come together for the perfect taste and compliment to the food you grilled or baked.

Pros:  Great taste, love the light Smokey flavor, and love the hint of mustard.
Cons:  Too small of a bottle, any way I can get this stuff in 5 gal buckets?
Overall, you will love this sauce.  You won’t need the BBQ sauce, ranch, or what ever sauce you use.  This is all you need.

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