Zippo Hand Warmer Review

As it get deeper into the winter months the need to stay warm is upon us. One of the hardest things to keep warm and stay functioning are our hands. The good people at Zippo made a hand warmer that will warm up your hands more than I thought possible.

I’ve tried rechargeable hand warmers, single use hand warmers, etc. The Zippo Hand Warmer is the first I’ve used that uses lighter fluid as fuel. You will need to purchase the Zippo lighter fluid to use this product. If totally filled up the hand warmer can last approximately 12 hours. If you need less time simply scale down the amount of fluid placed into the hand warmer.
For use you need to open the hand warmer, then pour the amount of lighter fluid needed (it comes with a small funnel) Let it sit upright for 2 minutes. Then light it up (note that there is NO flame during the use of the hand warmer) the hand warmer gets warmer and warmer until it reaches max temp.  There is no on or off switch so once you start it will produce heat until the fluid runs out.
PROS: beautiful chrome design, quality known from Zippo, warmest hand warmer I’ve used.
CONS: use of lighter fluid. I spilled some even when using the easy fill technology aka the funnel.
Overall, if you’re going to be outside for long period of time in the extreme cold then this is an investment that you may want to make sooner rather than later.
Get yours HERE

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