iHEALS Self Purifying Water Bottle Review

In this day and age germs are always top of mind and this includes what you are drinking. What if there was a water bottle that actually killed germs and bacteria, so you would feel safe when drinking any water? We got our hands on the iHEALS water bottle that claimed to clean any water you put in it. Of course we needed to test this further.

We heard about this unique water bottle and when we got ours in we were hit with the question, how exactly do we test if this water bottle works? Sure the water bottle has a clean look, complete with carrying strap, but does it work? While we thought more on that we found the features that make this iHEALS water bottle special.

  • Two Advanced HeaChip DUV-C Cleaning Modules in the Bottle Cap

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria 

  • Wide Mouth

  • Leak proof

  • Carrying strap 

  • 3 minute sterilizing cycle

  • 60 cycles per charge (USB charging)

I started out with simple tap water, filled the bottle up and held the power button. A green light comes on the top and stays on for three minutes until the proper cleaning has taken place. The light will cut off once the cycle is complete and you know you can then drink with piece of mind. I drank the water and it tasted just like tap water:) Now that we did this to get used to how it works we needed to really do something to see if this works. We don’t have a lab to test if there are bacteria in the water, so we did the next best thing.

We took our iHEALS water bottle up to the top of Palisade Mountain outside of Estes Park in Colorado. When hiking you MUST have some type of water bottle and this could be a game changer, if you can truly fill it up from the stream without fear of getting violently sick later in the day. We went down to Big Thompson River to fill the iHEALS water bottle up and start the real testing.  We chose this river as it was a fast free flowing stream and I always feel more comfortable to drink from something free flowing vs. that of stagnant water.

We got the water bottle filled up and hit the power button to start the purification cycle. Given this is water from the wild we did a triple cycle and actually ran it through the sterilizing cycles 3 times for a total of 9 minutes. In between we also shook the water up to make sure all of it was getting hit with the germ destroying lights. We are not sure if this is needed or not, but we thought better safe than sorry.

After we got it thoroughly cleaned it was time for the real test, drinking it and seeing if we got sick. Shout out to Sketchy who was totally open to this challenge and literally drank the entire bottle of water (see the full video below). We then waited. One hour he was ok. Later that night he felt good. The next day he was still feeling great. Even 2 days later no ill effects! This water bottle killed enough bacteria to ensure that he did not get sick. Again, I make no recommendations for you to go out there and start drinking any water you can find in the wild. Everyone is different and every type of water could have different bacteria. Remember, my thought is that if you are doing this find free flowing water. Your chances of not getting sick are much better.

Overall, this water bottle lived up to the CHALLENGE we put it through. If it can handle water from the wild can you imagine how well it will do the next time you have to fill up from a public water fountain?

If you want to learn more about the Max Oak iHEALS water bottle you can get this product HERE.

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There was no money paid for this review. We were sent one bottle to test out and give our honest opinions.

Written by: Luke Lorick 5/25/20

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