Kan Jam Glow In The Dark

Kan Jam is one of our favorite games! We tested the original version out years ago and have been playing it ever since. We enjoy the game so much that it even won a Top 10 award for our first National Yard Games Day. The one problem we had with the original game is that once the sun went down the game was over. It was too hard to see the goal and the frisbee to effectively play. Kan Jam solved this issue with their Kan Jam Illuminate edition, so you can play all night. Let’s learn more about this in our new piece on the Kan Jam Glow In The Dark edition.

Kan Jam Features

-Comes with one light up frisbee

-Two translucent ‘Kans’

-Two glow pods that go inside the ‘Kans’

-One remote control (to control the glow pods)

The light in the Kan changes colors

Game Play

This version of Kan Jam is played the exact same way as the original. The selling point with this game is that it can light up the night and ensure your games don’t get cut short.

Once ours was set up we placed each glow pod in the ‘kan’ and then cut the frisbee on. The frisbee lights up green and I haven’t found a way to change the color of the actual frisbee. That would be really cool if the frisbee could flash/fade different colors while you’re playing.

The glow pods on the other hand can do some fun things that will really make the ‘kans’ come alive at night. I like to set them on the fade feature and then have the different colors cycle through while you’re playing. You can see how this looks in the video below.

The glow pods are recommended to attach to the inside back area of the ‘kans’ and they have 3M tape to secure. When we first started playing we didn’t secure ours at first and learned that when the frisbee is slammed on top of the light, it will turn off. The light is not broken you simply have to hit the ‘on’ button on the remote control again.

Here at Tailgating Challenge we have been playing this glow in the dark edition of Kan Jam late into these summer nights and loving every minute of it. The way the kan’s light up is magical and people stop by just to learn more and see what we have going on.


PROS: color changing Kan, remote controlled, light up frisbee, one of the coolest games we’ve seen to play at night

CONS: frisbee is a touch heavier than their standard frisbee and some mentioned they could ‘feel’ the impact on their hands more when slamming it in, the color changing lights go off if you slam the frisbee on top of it

Overall, this is an awesome solution for the problem of having to stop playing games when the sun goes down. If you’re ready to keep playing your favorite game long into the night check out the Kan Jam Illuminate edition.

Learn more and get your own by visiting KAN JAM.

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Kan Jam Glow In The Dark Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 6/20/21

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