Wolf’em Stick Review

When the cool weather hits you feel a deep, primal urge to light up a fire outside. This runs through the veins of many and once the fire is going the next thought is what can we cook? Hot dogs and S’mores are common fire pit food choices. In the past you would grab a stick, or an old coat hanger to get the food over the fire, but we have advanced as a civilization and now it’s time to do it a better way. A better way is the Wolf’em Stick.

The Wolf’em Stick helps you rotate your marshmallow, or hot dogs over the open flame to ensure perfect cooking. The Wolf’em has two attachments one for the hot dogs and marshmallows and one for their unique biscuit cup roaster.

Let’s start off with the first attachment for the hot dogs and marshmallows. There are dual hooks at the end of the Wolf’em Stick that can fit two big hot dogs, or multiple marshmallows on each side. Once you have this loaded up get it over the fire and that’s when you will see the value of the Wolf’em Stick. There is an easy-turn handle that you crank to get perfect, even roasting. You can slowly turn it, or let it sit for a while and then rotate it to get the other side grilled to perfection.

Speaking of the handle, you can even have it customized with your name, or in our case our Tailgating Challenge logo. I always love something that can be customized, so this is a nice touch. If you give as a gift it can make it more personal by adding their name, or something special to make them remember a tailgating event, or camping adventure.

The Wolf’em Stick works great for the hot dogs and marshmallows that we tested. It is light years ahead of that old coat hanger I was using before. The Wolf’em Stick also comes with a second attachment that allows you to follow their three steps to happiness process:

  1. Bake’em: Coat the wooden knob with non-stick spray and massage the biscuit dough over the wooden knob. Then bake over the fire pit until it starts to get golden brown.

  2. Fill’em: Next you get to be a creative genius and fill the baked biscuit bowl with toppings of your choice. From tacos, to breakfast bowls, to something a little sweeter, the choice is yours. 

  3. Wolf’em: This is where the name came from because it’s time to wolf it down and make another!

I tested the Wolf’em attachment out and got the biscuit dough out and covered the wooden knob. I let it cook over the open flame for about 8 minutes until I saw the edges getting that brown color that we love so much. I let it cool for just a moment and then worked the dough off (I didn’t use the non-stick spray, but it still came off pretty easily) and it formed a perfect biscuit bowl that led me down so many paths about what I wanted to fill it with. Since we were also doing s’mores I wanted something that wasn’t sweet and given my love of tacos some cheese, guac and salsa invaded the biscuit bowl and was quite tasty. Can we get an attachment to make a bigger bowl:) Once you have one it will make you want to load up again and start the process over.

The Wolf’em Stick can change the way you cook over the campfire and is easy to use no matter your age. You can see the full video review to see more of the Wolf’em Stick in action below.

Let us know what you would cook first with the Wolf’em Stick!

Learn more and get your own by visiting: https://www.wolfem.com/

Do you love our NON-biased reviews? That’s right our opinions can’t be bought and our reviews are non-paid because, hey that’s a conflict of interest. You all deserve the truth, good or bad. Wolf’em did send us a unit to test out for the review.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 11/10/19

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