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Years ago there were only two tailgating games that the majority of people played: Beer Pong and Cornhole. While these are still the classics there is a slew of new tailgating games on the market, if you’re ready to CHALLENGE your tailgating crew to something new. Let us break down the ZagBag Board Review.

We came across the ZagBag Board and learned that they can even do custom boards. We love custom and they made us the Tailgating Challenge custom edition that is complete with drinking game rules to take the tailgate to the next level. The ZagBag Board game can be played a variety of ways, but the standard way is that you have to make the bag in the top left hole and then move in the Z formation until you make the one in the bottom right. What this means is that if you make a bag in a hole that you aren’t shooting for it won’t count, so you have to have some skills!

Watch our video of the ZagBag Board Game in Action Below

There are also two smaller holes that fall outside of the Z that a player can announce they are going to play for the instant WIN. They have to sink both of these holes in order to get the instant win. If they miss then their team starts back at the first hole. Here is the full list of rules for the Drinking Game ZagBag Board edition:

zagbag rules

While you can add the element of drinking to this game you can also play without any adult beverages involved, as this game can be fun for the entire family. One of the things I like is that you can play this in the parking lot, or play it inside. There are those Homegating parties that we throw that we set this game up where people can play without having to leave the party to even go outside. When its ice cold, or rainy outside not everyone will want to go outside to play games, so having something interactive inside is a game changer.

Once you get the hang of playing the ZagBag Board in the upright position you can then take the legs out and play it at a lower angle. This can be fun as the bags will then stick on the board, even if the bag doesn’t find it’s way into the hole. You can get more points, quickly, this way and we made up some cornhole style rules, when playing ZagBag Board game at the lower level. While you can make whatever rules you like, we found that the scoring system at this level could be:

  • 1 point if the bag is on the board

  •  2 points in the larger holes

  •  3 points in the two smaller holes

  •  Play to 21, Win by 2

Another awesome feature that will come in handy, in low light situations, is the lights that are in each hole. There is an optional feature to add this lighting feature that uses one 9 volt battery to power multi-colored lights that add an awesome visual element to the game. It can also help you see the holes better as the sun goes down.

If you’re looking for the a new tailgating game that will keep you and your crew entertained for hours, then it’s time to add the ZagBag Board to your tailgating gameday checklist. If you enjoyed this Zag Bag Board Review then drop us a comment below.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 1/19/20

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