1st Bourbon Battle

I love bourbon, so I figured let’s start a blog on putting some of the top bourbons head to head in blind taste tests and determine which one tastes the best.

In my first Bourbon Battle Blog I put Makers Mark, Gentleman Jack and Woodford Reserve head to head!

We we were served a shot glass of each of these bourbons in a blind taste test to determine which one had the best drinkability without any mixers. Of course the palette was cleansed between each tasting to ensure remarkable results.

After tasting them each I believed that I could pick out not only my favorite, but identify them each by taste. Well I got exactly ZERO identified correctly.

I did however, come up with the best tasting of these three and the 1st bourbon battle winner is:

Woodford Reserve!

This was the smoothest and had the least amount of ‘bite’ or burn after swallowing.

To be fair all were enjoyed, but there can be only one winner.

What bourbons should go head to head next? I feel like this is like March Madness Bracketology!

Its amazing what a blind taste test can really determine!

*The companies above did not pay for or endorse this Bourbon Battle, the opinions are mine and mine alone. Always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

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