2021 National Homegating Day Top Products

Last year Homegating took over as the premiere way to have fun before your favorite sporting event. With the pandemic effectively wiping out tailgating, people took the tailgate to their homes in what is known as homegating. We founded National Homegating Day in 2019 and worked hard to find our 2021 National Homegating Day Top Products.

We tested products all year to come up with our Top 10 list that is sure to make this National Homegating Day (celebrated each Super Bowl Sunday) the best one yet. Now let’s get into the list.

10. Color Flame

Everyone loves a good fire but with the Color Flame from Enviro-Log you are able to change the colors of your fire. This impresses people of all ages. See the video below to watch this magic unfold.

Color Flame by Enviro-Log

9. NFL Team Onesie

Since National Homegating Day is on Super Bowl Sunday you might as well represent your favorite team while being extremely comfortable. These NFL onesies from Oilfield Jersey Company are sure to put you in the team spirit and on the next level of coziness.

NFL Team Onesies

8. KoreSelect Ginseng

Wait, a supplement made the top ten list for National Homegating Day? I learned that staying well and feeling healthy is important for everyone to have a good time and this product delivers on both. I was so impressed with this KoreSelect ginseng product that I gave it to my family to help keep them well and healthy too. My favorite are the liquid shots. Remember if you aren’t feeling well you can’t homegate like a champion.

Koreselect Ginseng

7. BBQ Sauce Fountain

This is that product that makes you do a double take. The Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Fountain is a great centerpiece that will drive conversation, add a sweet smell to the room and of course add some flavor to your homegating menu items. Remember don’t double dip!

Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Fountain

6. InnoChiller

Ever had that moment where you realized you ran out of cold drinks and needed to chill some new ones FAST? The InnoChiller was built for this moment, as it can dramatically change the temperatures of beer/wine/champagne in minutes. See how this performed in our video below.


5. Busch Dog Brew

This made the list because everyone loves dogs, but you can’t give them beer…until now! Busch came out with Dog Brew so you could share a beer with your best friend. The great part is that this is totally safe for your dog and they will love you for it.

Busch Dog Brew

4. NFL Team Fire Pit

We all love a good fire, but on National Homegating Day you need to support your team too. Blue Sky Outdoor Living has an NFL team fire pit that has your team logo on it and has one of the cleanest burns I’ve experienced in a fire pit. The amount of heat this thing puts off is incredible. Support your team and stay warm this National Homegating Day.

NFL Team Fire Pit

3. OnTop Ball Toss

What’s a homegating party without a fun game? We tested numerous games this past year and OnTop Ball Toss stood out as a game that can easily be played indoors, or outdoors and creates hours of fun for your guests. The goal of this game is to have your ball on top when the round ends. Then you get all the points.

OnTop Ball Toss

2. Asmoke Wood Pellet Grill

You have to have the grill fired up on National Homegating Day and the Asmoke wood pellet grill was one of our favorite grills we tested this year. We loved this grill because it’s more portable than most other wood pellet grills, simple to use and even comes in different colors. Oh and this made some of the best pork chops ever, the first time I ever used it.

Asmoke Wood Pellet Grill

1. Newair Beer Fridge Froster

Being a huge craft beer fan I need a separate beer fridge to keep all the fun new beers I try out. The reason the Newair Beer Fridge Froster was my favorite beer fridge is that it can hold over 100 beers, digital temperature display, and a beer frosting mode to get your drinks super cold fast. There is also a party mode to ensure that even when your guests are opening your fridge over and over that it maintains the same cold temperature for all your beers inside.

Newair Beer Fridge Froster

There you have it, our Top 10 list for 2021 National Homegating day. Let us know your favorite ones on the list and maybe some products we should have included. Stay tuned for more homegating tips to prep you for the big day.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you each have an awesome National Homegating Day.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/8/21

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